"I completed the intensive 200 hour YTT with Cassandra Bright in 2016. For me, it was a  life-changing incredible journey of self.  I learned the aspects of yoga teacher training that I expected to, but also so much more.  This teacher training started a spiritual journey for me that has changed my life.  There is so much more to yoga than I knew before this teacher training.  I have now tapped into my energy, am better connected with my body, and have learned skills and practices that serve me every day.  I loved the intensive ytt because we really lived a yogic lifestyle, and I connected with so many wonderful people, some of whom became dear friends.  I am beyond grateful to Cassandra for her wisdom, dedication, and support."   Kristen P. - Gilbert AZ 

"Cassandra Bright holds a space for deep healing to occur.  During her 16 day intensive I came 'home' and found my Self.  Cried the first week, laughed the second.  I highly recommend this training!"   Ruth. L. - Gilbert AZ

"Cassandra’s YTT style is authentic, powerful, and transformational.  If you are looking to push your self-transformation to the next level, Cassandra is the teacher to guide you with imminent wisdom and fierce compassion!”    Kim M - Scottsdale AZ

"In Cassandra's training you'll meet a brilliant teacher of asana, but she'll also present you with insight from a deep spiritual well.  You may find yourself in meditation, in mantra or mudra, or discover an insight you had not prepared for.  Above all, your breath practice will grow,  and you may learn in a way that goes to your deep hearts core and serves you well for your yoga journey.  Mostly, you can trust her.  She is a gifted spirit and a yoga trainer of depth and compassion who will be there for you in challenge and affirmation."

Gregory O., Pine AZ  

"I can’t imagine a better 200-hour YTT training with Cassandra Bright than in Roatan!  You don’t need to plan to teach yoga to participate in a program that will change your life forever!  I’m not exaggerating.  I did my YTT with Cassandra in Arizona and I love that she’s taking her trainings abroad.  When she does an advanced 300 hour I will definitely enroll."   Connie S - Gilbert AZ